Policies And Procedures


Parents/Guardian can drop off their child in the morning between 7:30am -8:00am. Parents should ensure that their child is handed over to any of our caregivers before leaving the premises.  We advise parents to say their goodbyes as soon as their child is handed over to a member of staff and allow their child to walk independently to their classroom as this will serve as an important step towards the child’s independence.

If your child is not going to attend school due to illness or any other reason, kindly let us know as soon as possible to enable us plan for the day’s activities.

**Parents are required to inform staff of any serious illness or communicable/ contagious disease with their child or within their family.


Late Arrivals

Parents are advised to escort their child to the front desk and sign them in if they arrive after 8:00 am. A member of the admin staff will walk your child into their classroom.  Parents are advised to ensure that their child resumes at the specified resumption time so they can have a good start in the morning.

Pick –Up

The official closing time for preschool classes is 2:30pm. Please note that for safety and security reasons, only parents or authorized guardian on the mandate/consent form will be allowed to pick up a child.

Kindly notify the school in advance if someone else other than those on the mandate form will be picking your child as no child will be released to an unauthorized individual.

Late Pick- Up

Parents/Legal Guardian should pick up their child promptly at the end of the school day.  Pupils who are not picked up within the specified closing time will be taken to the after-school care room and their parents will be charge for late pick- ups. A late pick up will attract a fee of N1,000 per hour till the child is picked up. The late fee is to be paid in cash to the staff on duty when you pick up your child.

School Hours

Crèche is open from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm. A late pick up will attract a fee of N1,000 per hour.

Mode of Dressing

Infants and toddlers are expected to come in comfortable clothes and footwear. We advise parents to send in a change of clothing to ensure your child does not come home in soiled clothes. Children from 3 years upward are expected to be on school uniform. Beads and jewelry are not allowed in school for safety reasons.


The school will provide nutritious lunch for those that have opted for this service. Parents of pupils that are not interested in this service must ensure that their child or ward brings adequate food/ snack to school.

Toilet Training

Parents are expected to provide spare sets of comfortable clothes, training pants, disposable diapers, wipes and other essentials needed for those who are still in the process of toilet training.

School Fees and Payment Procedure

School fees are paid in advance on a termly basis; fees for the crèche can be paid monthly or quarterly.

All fees must be fully paid 2 weeks upon resumption to the specified school account number. Late payment will attract additional fee.

Sibling Discount

Parents who have two or more children enrolled in Deenal School will receive a 10% discount on the second child’s tuition fees.

Telephone Communication

Parents are free to contact the school during the course of the day to check on how their children are doing or for other reasons.


Photographs/Video Cameras

We would like to take pictures of your child or ward in the course of carrying out their daily routine to enable us share with children and parents and also to share on all our different social media platforms. If you wish that your child’s face be shown in our pictures, kindly give a written consent to the school. We also have a video monitoring system in place to ensure everyone’s safety.


School Calendar

The school will run on a termly basis and all public holidays declared by the Federal government will be observed.


Withdrawal of Pupil

We would love it if your child continues to be in our school; however, if for any reason you wish to withdraw your child or ward, you are required to give a full term’s notice prior to the withdrawal in a written notification to the head of school.

A minimum of 2 weeks written notice is required prior to withdrawal of service for children in the crèche.


Sick Pupils

Parents are advised not to bring a sick child or children to school. Children with infectious diseases such as chicken pox, measles, diarrhea, conjunctivitis, mumps etc. should be kept away from school until the child is advised to return to school by qualified medical personnel. A child who becomes ill during the course of the day to the point where they cannot participate in normal day- day activities would be administered first aid, after which parent will be contacted and advised to pick up the child.


Parents of children who are undergoing medication from infections that do not pose a threat to other children will need to hand over the medication to the school nurse.  Parents will also need to complete a form authorizing the school to administer the medication. Refusal to fill the form will results in medication NOT being administered to the child.

Up to date contact

Parents must provide up to date contact details in case of emergency and for administrative purposes.

Enquiries, Complaints and Observation

At Deenal School we are committed to being open and honest in all situations. Parents with any complaints, grievances or suggestions should not hesitate to contact the head of school or speak to the school administrative officer so that the issue can be resolved on time. In the event of any concerns raised by staff, parents/guardians a meeting can be scheduled to address the issues.