Toddler: 18 months- 2 ½ years


At Deenal, we provide a place where children and adults will be able to partake in an extensive range of experiences and develop their full potential.

Our staffs are Montessori certified as well as loving adults who contribute in facilitating the development of our future generations.

Our primary focus in the Toddler classroom is to prepare an environment that supports the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development of each child.


The children are given opportunities to work individually and cooperatively in a group setting. They learn to verbally express themselves as they explore self, family, and the world in which they live. This helps the children move consciously in the world. Our Toddlers spend the year becoming comfortable in their classroom community, gaining confidence in themselves, developing an awareness of others, and learning to feel secure in the relaxed atmosphere of our school setting.

In our Toddler classroom, we prepare our children for preschool by exposing them to each curriculum area. It is in the Toddler classroom that children begin to cultivate an interest in learning and a desire for exploration. The Toddlers learn concentration, coordination, language skills, responsibility, and respect-all of which prepare them well for a successful transition into the work of preschool.

However, It is important that children move out of the toddler program to the next level not according to a simple age criteria but when they are developmentally ready i.e. when they are no longer challenged in the toddler program.